Let Us Discover Yet Again

Chapter 1:

Before Discovery
Series of 5
210mm by 297mm


Before Discovery is a depiction of the MacRitchie forest during my first visit. The animals are drawn into each photographic scenarios that I have imagined myself to see as nature slowly unveils itself.


Leaf crunches underneath your feet, falling leafs like snow, soft breeze calling your name, a pair of curious eyes stares back at you.


Chapter 2:

Let Us Discover Yet Again
A collection of 50 photographs in MacRitchie forest. Each scenic photograph of the forest hides an animal awaiting to be discovered.

These photographs are all compiled into a book, www.pearlynsim.com/books.


In each photograph, there will be a hidden animal to find. Some animals will be tougher to find than the other, depending on its ability to camouflage and my distance away from it. 

The photographs are all muted darker than usual to recreate the rawness and experience of the forest as closely as possible. A torchlight, a tool I have used in my journey, is recommended to enhance the reading experience of the book.

There are answers at the back of the book.


More than just a space of respite and recreational activities, the MacRitchie forest is a natural habitat, an ecosystem, and a home to over thousands of species. It is also one of Singapore’s last remaining forests. 

Over a period of five months and 25 trips to MacRitchie forest in 2016, I collated a total of 50 photographs of various species. Most of my trips start early in the morning, and occasionally happen in the evenings.

The natural world is unpredictable. As it is with the sky that may be clear one second, and dark the next, sightings of wildlife can be erratic too. But I have learnt to appreciate the volatility of the natural world.

Every picture here marks a new chapter, and every new chapter involves an element of surprise. The forest sometimes act like a veil, and so it is that we have to keep our eyes pealed for creatures big and small. 

Here is my journey to discovery. Hopefully, to yours too.


All profits of this book and poster will go to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.


An A1 poster accompanies the book with a total of 86 photographs of wildlife found in MacRitchie forest contributed by 25 photographers, researches and nature enthusiasts.