Only By An Inch

A documentation of the Shore Pit Viper that remained in the same position for weeks, moving only by an inch to the left or right each time.

Limited 50 edition, 2017
Published by Pearlyn Sim

20 x 4r Photographs
5 x 4r Paintings
1 x Inquiry Booklet
1 x Index


Let Us Discover Yet Again

More than just a space of respite and recreational activities, the MacRitchie forest is home to over thousands of species, and one of Singapore’s last remaining forests. Over a period of five months in 2016, Pearlyn documented a total of 50 photographs of various species. In each photograph, readers will get to look out for a ‘hidden’ animal, recreating her experience and journey to discovery in the forest.

A torchlight is recommended for a better reading experience.
Comes with an A1 poster.

First edition, 2017
Published by Pearlyn Sim

160mm by 220mm
116 pages
ISBN 978-981-11-3139-4

All profits from the book go to Lee Kong Chain Natural History Museum.


It Is Almost Like A Wonderland: Animals

A illustrated collection of 50 animal portraits. Animals are drawn with a pair of human-like eyes to evoke empathy, encouraging readers to interpret its thoughts and emotions through their bodily behaviours. After all, animals are sentient beings.

First edition, 2016
Published by Pearlyn Sim

148mm by 198mm
ISBN 978-981-09-8754-1


It Is Almost Like A Wonderland: Trees, Shrubs, and Wildflowers

01 Poisonous & Venomous
02 Carnivorous & Deceptive

Plants are beautiful, attractive, mesmerizing, and dangerous.
Beautifully dangerous.

Let them paint the world with speckles of colours, shapes, and patterns. The world with one without the other.

First edition, 2017
Published by Pearlyn Sim

122mm by 140mm