Only By An Inch

Chapter 1:

Limited 50 edition, 2017
Published by Pearlyn Sim


I love snakes. Snakes in the viper family (Viperidae) are particularly my favourite. Vipers to me are like dragons, ferocious or brave, that comes alive from fairytale books. They are mysterious with a pair of compelling eyes, a body that glitters under the scorching sun and midnight moon, empowering with an elegant and confident posture.

With the help of a friend of mine, I have managed to witness the elusive Shore Pit Viper (SPV) at Pasir Ris Mangrove. Predominately found in mangroves and coastal forest, the SPV is, without a doubt, the resident I love visiting the most. The fascinating factor was that this particular SPV stays in its designated branch for a few months. Throughout the months, I have never seen it moving more than an inch away from its spot.


20 x 4r Photographs
5 x 4r Paintings
1 x Inquiry Booklet
1 x Index


I documented the SPV, day and night, and started speculating various reasons for building its temporary home at this selective branch. Was it a comfort zone? Naturally, the first logic that came to me was that the area provided the Viper with food, shelter or both.

The last day I saw the Viper was during the night, and the documentation ended with a slight twist.


Chapter 2:

Series of 5
210mm by 297mm

Only By An Inch_01.jpg

In each painting, I have 'placed' the Shore Pit Viper in a new environment together with another animal, exploring its possibilities.